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                                   He was a voodoo son


Many years in the womb of tenacity and darkness: given a name that already belonged to a good relative of his to serve as a parade. Asked to show up in time of danger or exposed to the enemy to let them believe that he was the actual signatory. However, he did not know anything about the gloomy world but got a hint of those things in his haunted dreams. He was the parade, the barricade, the exposed, the sold and the victim. He was always put ahead and made operational to act as the signatory who willingly entered the contract.


Poor innocent! We should say, born and recuperated to play the role of a parade. As time went by, he came to acquire the subtleties of things done in secret: the world of sorcerers or wizards if it suits you better. In this world, it may seem absurd or ridiculous but it is a real fact. These people feed themselves with human flesh. Though, it may sound like a tale, please get rid of your useless scepticism. It will not be of some credible help. The time spent in this part of the gloomy world had on the contrary strengthened the boy’s spiritual abilities.


Though used by the signatory to act as a parade but the aspect of spiritual empowerment did escape the control of the latter. The boy learnt the occult arts without having to attend inter-terrestrials’ schools. He came to a certain maturity of the voodoo arts. Voodoo is the art of negative deeds for the achievement of positive vanities.


When time came for the signatory to give his soul to the devil, he ran to the parade to seek for a shelter of protection. He hid himself in the back of the parade where he could not be seen by the warriors who came for him. The attacks started. A spear of fire shot in his stomach that seriously impacted the parade’s abdomen. That was the mark of death inflicted to the prey.


The mission was successfully fulfilled because the mark would unleash immediate death. The victim became sick. He started suffering from hernia in his abdomen that terribly inflamed his intestines. Over three months of agony, the patient lost considerable weight that would make believe from the first sight in the HIV pandemic case. With the help of a friend, the wireless communication was established and the cable plugged to the Biggest Source of Energy (BSE). The patient experienced in one of his dreams a surgical operation that recovered the injury of the death mark inflicted by the warriors of the gloomy world.


As a result, the parade was withdrawn by the Uncreated Creator and the signatory placed in front to play the role of the parade. Now, imagine the rest of the story. What did happen at the time the warriors came back to check the mystery that surrounded the narrow escape of the parade?


God the Father, I invoke your thundering, blasting, firing and limitless power to paralyze spiritually and physically all signatories who are using their children, nieces, nephews, sisters, brothers, cousins, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grand children, grandmothers and grandfathers as parades. Allow them to behold your glory in their new paralyzed state.


                   You can still go back to where you left Him! (Repent!)


I will not say it twice. Once is even more than what can be important enough to the earlobes. My humble heart can feel the pain of the grieved in time of the irreparable. As you all know my friends, what comes from others; our friends or enemies: sorry or our condolences! This is the only useless thing their hypocrite mouths can easily utter to express their weakness before the irreparable. Today, the time has come to reflect upon our little silly and stupid misdeeds. It is in these momentous minutes   and not later, it is today and not tomorrow, it is now or never. A delay in the deadline will just result in the irreparable. Then remember, delay is dangerous dear friends; in other words, never late than ever. Now that the prophet has not yet started preaching, you are already shedding tears! I said it some pretty beautiful days ago: “bad will shed all our tears until they are dried up.” I write simply because of the great love manifested in me that I want to share with you. Before I proceed on, let me reaffirm my love commitment to you: I love you for the love I am loved by the Supreme Conscience.


 Though on my way, you stand still trying to disapprove my heartfelt deeds and schemes. You are there as I see you with your knives ready to stab and feed vanity. How can good creatures like you be meditating upon senseless atrocities in the back of others? Remember, that all individuals are created equal and more so, we are created at the lustrous image of the Uncreated Creator, but I cannot still understand why you should enslave yourselves free of charge in the hands of the created creature! The devil is the greatest liar time has ever known. Don't you know that? 


Phillips, do you remember your living plight some 2 years back in the past? From the point of view of materialistic things, you were Mr. Nobody. However, the art of making things possible which could or couldn’t be possible has taken the lead only to take you to the extent whereby insomnia joins in for a very annoying night. Your scheme is as devilish as you plot against the next to be sacrificed on beelzebub’s altar.


I know, you sometimes succeed and that is even why you are no longer a miserable man. When you see those petit blind out there, you uplift your shoulders making them believe that you are a rich man and can buy the whole African continent! You give out some valueless bank notes to attract them to your trap and you are the happiest miserable man when you happen to catch one. Although the triumph over your small preys, you are the one who always sobs like an angrily child. Now, where is your happiness, if each time you score a goal you must cry? It is not positive emotion that makes you cry but your own face stained with blood reflected by the mirror of truth. I know it Phillips, you are not happy! Just stop ringing the bell because each time you cry in front of your mirror, I hear you from my hideout. Indeed, human blood doesn’t know how to shut up. Now that you are so rich and in power, that you have materialistic wealth, must you cry each time you see your face in the mirror? Why? Phillips, the truth of the matter lies in the mirror that reflects all your wrongdoings. You are still a meaty and fleshy human being with a spirit and soul. For your own good, take this piece of advice from the voodoo escapist son! Come back home brother while it is still time. Come and meet your Merciful, Bountiful and Everlasting Father Who is there at the gate ready to open. Phillips, go and see Daddy, He is still at the place where you left him waiting for all his prodigal sons before He locks up the gate forever.


            "The prophet has not yet started preaching that you are already shedding tears!"

A- Man is Man's enemy 

In any case of strained relations, dialogue should be prioritized and the right to freedom of expression should not be denied to others. Indeed, intolerance is often the root cause of warfare that is the most dangerous and fatal weapon of barbarians living cut off from civilization. Frankly, we have it enough of primitives. Be held in contempt!



B- L'homme est nuisible à l'homme!

Dans toute situation conflictuelle, privilégions le dialogue et donnons la possibilité à autrui de jouir de sa liberté d’expression. En effet, l’intolérance conduit souvent à la guerre qui est l’arme la plus redoutable et fatale des barbares demeurés en marge de la civilisation. Les primitifs, sincèrement, nous n’en voulons plus ! Honni soit qui mal y pense !


C- In the secret of my heart!


1- It seems as if the most precious dream of any African holding to a high profile position is underdevelopment.


2- beelzebub is ruling the world of materialistic things through its representatives.


3 - Formally, I seriously mistook on the use of the personal pronoun "he" to refer to beelzebub while it is a beast.


 4 - A mortal is a foreigner.


 5 - Death is the beginning of the end for certain individuals and eternity for others.


6 - An indigo cannot be a disciple of hidden secrets. He knows what others refer to as secrets.


7 - I am a Congolese citizen without an identity card because I am an African.


8 - Sometimes, I cry just because refugees are treated like warmongers and warmongers like trouble-shooters. It's a pity to find oneself in a shoe of an asylum seeker!


 9 - Mortal as you’re, no power is embodied in you. Why then seeking for immortality under the sun?


10 - Better a veranda than a triangle in masonry.


11- Anyone having the trigger happy lunatic has to avail himself of this opportunity to blow up his head and then after his enemy's.


12 - Though mad, the truth will be known!


13 - Though an outsider, I know where to pinch!


 14 - Money is useful but unnecessary.


 15 - Here feet and there roots, if you don't want to count your days with fingers.


16 - Once upon a time, I saw a man who declared himself the everlasting beholding from his boat the Congo-River water flowing, I then saw Aristotle.


17 - There are only revealed secrets to Mankind. Therefore, any secret is the misinterpretation of the Bible.


 18 - Do not shower blames on me; it is a wandering bullet in the shade. He who bleeds, is then hurt.


19 - I do not worship money.


20 - Human blood does not know how to shut up.


21 - Spirits cannot move materialistic things, if they do, it is with Man's help.


22 - The spiritual world belongs to spirits and the physical world to human beings.

23 - Halloween? Leave them alone! They are no longer in the tomb.


24 - Madness comes in and forces the landlord out.


 25 - There are dead and dead!


 26 - Bad will shed all our tears until they are dried up!


27 - That light is a mere rose flower that will end up fading.


28 -The starts within the heart and extends to the world and beyond the universe into the glorious immensities.


 29 - Stop cooking lies with Jesus Christ's name; otherwise you will spew them through your nostrils.


30 - When death occurs, life book is automatically shut down. Whatever sin committed, no church in the world can offer eternal life with some bank notes paid to a priest for the celebration of a mass on behalf of the deceased. It is too late!


31 - No other major religious leader ever claimed the power to forgive sins. And according to Huston Smith in The World’s Great Religions, Jesus distinguished himself even further. Smith writes, only two people ever astounded their contemporaries so much that the question they evoked was not ‘Who is he?’ but ‘What is he?’ They were Jesus and Buddha. The answers these two gave were exactly the opposite. Buddha said unequivocally that he was a mere man, not a god—almost as if he foresaw later attempts to worship him. Jesus, on the other hand, claimed … to be divine.


 32 - Jesus claims: • I am the resurrection and the life. (John 11:25, NIV) • I am the light of the world. (John 8:12, NIV) • I and my Father are one. (John 10:30, NIV) • I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. (Revelation 22:13, NIV) • I am the way, the truth, and the life. (John 14:6, NIV) • I am the only way to the Father [God]. (John 14:6)


 33 - God Is and i am!


 34 - When God says Yes it is Yes, when he says No it is No!


35 - God's time is the best! 

The above friendly thoughts accept to appear on this page not to hurt but to instruct so that positive thoughts can be promoted. Please, these thoughts should not be here understood in a wrongly narrow sense as being the development of the mind power. Indeed, the mind power is the attraction of a spiritual entity (water spirits, air spirits, earth spirits, mountain spirits, fire spirits or forest spirits) that comes and fulfills ephemeral desires on your behalf while positive thoughts are the externalization of Jesus Christ's teaching with regard to love :" Love one another as I have loved you". As a result, it is better to count on Jesus Christ than "in" spiritual entities of the astral dimension!

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