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About me!

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"We are mere pencils in the hands
of the Uncreated Creator!


Biographie :     

Risey Yembele was born in 1974 at Loutete, a small city in southern Congo-Brazzaville. He holds a Master’s degree in TEFL/TESL and a diploma in translation. He started his professional career as a translator at Engineering Petroleum & Industries in Pointe-Noire. He joined an International Organization on July 6, 2009. Risey is also a writer and has already published four books with Edilivre. These books are available for purchase at www.edilivre.com



Résumé :     

The Jars of Blood (First part)

He who rebelled against the Uncreated Creature found refuge down on earth. From then, he started ruling the ephemeral world through his representatives. The pew much coveted has its bloody prize: the Jars of Blood.

Not in Swine! (Second part)

From the very bottom of my injured soul, where the emptiness of the limitless vacuum still hurts, eating up into my insatiable desires. The heart of sons of the discord needs to booze for a momentous elevation.

Thème : Roman science fiction


Nombre de pages : 118

Format : Roman (134x204)

ISBN livre papier : 9782334133258

ISBN livre téléchargement : 9782334133265

Date de publication : 25 April 2016

Résumé :     

Is this man dying or dreaming? Maybe a dead's dream can tell! Strange as no one can imagine, a beautiful woman who is a true incarnation of love exercises seduction power over a man whose envies take him to seek relish of sex. Unexpectedly, his attempt fails. As a consequence, he loses all his senses. In his madness and through an articulated monologue he unveils all intricacies associated with a permissive world. After a deep insight in things of the astral world, his spirit dashes into the otherworld.  

Thème : Roman psychologique

Nombre de pages : 86

Format : Roman (134x204)

ISBN livre papier : 9782334195270

ISBN livre téléchargement : 9782334195287


Résumé :   

 Under the burden of the night oath, jealousy, hatred, adversity and challenge prompt the last surviving shapeshifter of the village to work out his wizardry of lycanthropy, cynanthropy and ailuranthropy. The immediate consequence on the cursed individual is the alteration of his physical appearance from that of a man to that of a smoked bush meat. Indeed, this is in good remembrance to the victim that things of the outside are not of the inside.

Thème : Arts et spectacle

Nombre de pages : 226

Format : Roman (134x204)

ISBN livre papier : 9782414026210

ISBN livre téléchargement : 9782414026227

Date de publication : 24 February 2017

Pointe Noire
Email: risey3000@gmail.com

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